How RaceDayScore Works

RaceDayScore makes it easy for you to have fun playing daily fantasy NHRA games. Simply put, you pick the drivers you believe will perform well, all while staying at or under a salary cap. The lineup you pick will go up against other users in whatever contests you join and drivers score fantasy points by performing well during the race and by their final rankings.

If your driver picks do well, you win cash, or just bragging rights if you play in a free game. Its very simple!

RaceDayScore is proud to offer the only dedicated daily fantasy sports website exclusive to motorsports. We have gone to every length to make sure your experience is as user-friendly as it can possibly be. Easy to understand, and Jump right in.


Quickly create an account and choose to play for money or join a free game to just have some fun.

Once you are registered you can also invite friends and family, co-workers, and more. Of course you will have access to track and manage all of your line ups and make full use of the entire website.


Create your own private match or join a pre-created head to head matchup or league for whatever sport you desire. There are multiple difficulties, match sizes, and buy-in values to choose from.

RaceDayScore offers salary cap style games (where you pick your lineup and try to remain within the cap) as well as other game styles to help make sure your experience is both challenging yet enjoyable.


Easily manage your teams for all upcoming games, view your gameplay history, and see your live matches with just a few clicks.

Our daily fantasy game system allows you to see your live matches in real-time so you can track the action minute by minute while also making those last minute roster changes before a contest begins. You will easily be able to see how much money you've won, are currently winning, and more.


Let your skills earn you some cash. Most payouts within 1-2 days make cashing in easy. With multiple game play options, winning has never been easier.

We are proud to have one of the fastest payout processes in the daily fantasy sports industry. Play in one of our free to enter games and let your skills earn you some cash.

With RaceDayScore, you win cash daily or just have some fun. The choice is yours.

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